Ian D. Roberts [he/him]

Student Comments

“He did an amazing job and I truly feel that I have grown as a writer.”

“GREAT teacher!!! I genuinely enjoyed the course and I liked to attend. Ian is a great teacher and really cared about making sure we understood the material. He would always be available to help when needed, and was extremely understanding. I credit most of my liking of the course to the way he taught and presented the material. Exams were fair and papers were straightforward in their directions. I would recommend him to future students.”

"I loved Ian and learned a lot from him. I definitely could tell he was passionate about teaching us the material."

“Ian’s powerpoint were absolutely amazing! They were so well organized and easy to follow and full of examples and real life experiments. He is super passionate about Social Psychology. He would spend time going over confusing information more than once and would do reviews at the beginning of each class to remind us what we had learned the previous class. He was a tough grader but it really helped me in working on my writing skills and I think that because of him, I have become a much better writer and appreciate his toughness when it came to grading our papers. He is very personable, funny, and more than willing to help students.”

"He was very positive and made the classroom conducive to learning and asking questions. His humor added spark to the classroom. Thanks!"

"I really enjoyed taking this class. I thought it was interesting and it was made fun and entertaining by the professor. I enjoyed his teaching style and the fact that he used tons of examples to explain things."

"Ian was a great professor. He always provided clear examples and made the material easy to understand. I really enjoyed this class and learned a lot from it."

"This was an interesting class that connected a lot to the subject material in other classes and made me want to look into other classes with related topics. Thanks for a great semester!"

"He's very funny in class and always engaging. Also learn lots from him. He really tried to make an effort to get to know everyone in his class by name."


PSYCH 2367.01: Introduction to Social Psychology (2nd Level Writing Course)
Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University
SP16, AU15, SP15, AU13

PSYCH 3325: Introduction to Social Psychology
Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University

Teaching Assistant

PSYCH 2376: Interpersonal Relationships
Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University

PSYCH 4520: Social Psychology Laboratory
Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University
AU12 (3 sections), SP13, AU16

PSYCH 4525: Psychology of Personal Security--Global and Local Perspectives
Department of Psychology, The Ohio State University

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